Topics: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 30, 2013
While the majority of African countries gained independence without having to resort to a revolution, Africans independence were won only after the people organized themselves in a struggle against colonialism. African colonies, such as Anglo, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, also gained their independence only after war against their colonial masters. While the majority of African countries gained independence without having to resort to a revolution. “Final decolonization meant that self-rule would return to all of south Africa . There are many reasons for political violence .For example, authoritarian governments which are complex and a reflection of how their society works. The people that were in power were di Amin's rule which was a politically abusive control, political repression, ethnic persecution and there was corruption. In recent years, people have focused on stories of hunger and HIV in Africa, or on political issues such as civil wars or political issues. There are many explanation to why they have the highest increase in aids , one reason could be because the government: South Africa's former president, Thabo Mbeki, has long refused a comprehensive health policy that would have saved many lives. Another reason would be the amount of prostitution occurring.” Almost 80% of all children who have aids live in Africa . Africa is also a continent with many large rivers; the rivers are not useful to Africa. African rivers have huge whitewater rapids and waterfalls. Colonial states were weak and lacked resources. It made it harder for travel or trade throughout the nations. Many African Rivers are not navigable because they are affected by season, they contain debris which prevents navigation, and they are narrow and also shallow. “Industrialization of previously less developed countries, combined with lower trade barriers increased the pressure of world competition . Therefore, it was difficult for them to trade and it would not be very...
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