Ellen Foster Theme Paper

Topics: Family, Guilt, Black people Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: November 20, 2011
A. Children need love, care, shelter, food, and support to thrive B. Intro.
Starletta’s, then art teacher’s house (Julie and Roy) who are very open and carefree and Ellen is in a good place. Grandma wins custody. Makes Ellen work in the farms for her Ellen's grandmother, however, is insistent that Ellen is a mirror image of her father, a wretched man whom both Ellen and her grandmother hate. She is constantly reminding Ellen that she is just like her father and somehow wants revenge on him through her torture of Ellen. Ellen's grandmother also tells Ellen that she is to blame for her mother's death, because Ellen had allowed her to die. Ellen is sent to live with her aunt Nadine, and her cousin Dora. Nadine and Dora treat Ellen condescendingly and ignore her for being "cheap," though they have little more money than Ellen and far less integrity. For Christmas, Ellen wants to give Nadine and Dora a wonderful gift. Because she cannot afford to buy them a present, Ellen uses her artistic talent and paints them a picture of two cute-looking cats. Ellen would not have personally chosen to paint cats, as they are empty of any deep emotional quality, though she knows that Nadine and Dora will appreciate them more than her pictures of the brooding ocean. When Nadine asks Ellen what she wants for Christmas, Ellen asks only for a package of art paper, though she secretly hopes that Nadine will give her a few other surprise gifts. Ellen works up her hope for these other few gifts and for Nadine and Dora's appreciation of her cat painting. Both of her hopes, disappointingly, are crushed on Christmas Day when she receives only the pack of white paper and later overhears Nadine and Dora making disparaging remarks about her painting, though Nadine had pretended to like it earlier that morning. Upon hearing this, Ellen is deeply ashamed and, moreover, enraged. She shuts herself in her room, and when Dora and Nadine aggravate her, she retaliates. Nadine orders Ellen out of...
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