Ellasaurus Intellectual Property and Ethical Issues

Topics: Copyright, Intellectual property, World Wide Web Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Ellasaurus Products Enterprises
1. Intellectual Property refers to a number of creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are recognized. This includes inventions, literature, art, symbols, and designs used by a business. With the ease of stealing from the web, copyright laws and intellectual property are important things to consider when creating a web page. Two intellectual property issues that I foresee are the copying or downloading of Ellen’s illustrations and games. Although users should ask before using images or software from a website, it does not always prevent infringement. Since Ellen plans to use her own copyrighted illustrations from her books on the website, she will not infringe others’ intellectual property but will need to consider how to keep her own property from being stolen. Ellen’s idea of having users’ register is a great tool to protect her copyrighted property. This ensures the user must accept and agree to the Terms of Service and can be charged later for improper use and distribution. Ellen should include a Terms of Service agreement, which clearly displays the license terms to the user and which requires the user to actively indicate acceptance of the terms by clicking on "Yes" or "I accept" before the software can be downloaded. Otherwise, there is a risk that the user could get out of being held the terms. Another step to consider is having a part of the website with a paid membership to download screensavers and games. She may also want to take into account the option of converting some of the more popular games to a mobile platform for downloading to receive royalties from mobile device users such as the Nick Jr site displays a link to iPhone apps. Intellectual property rights are a business asset, and are often the most valuable business asset. Any business considering trading on the internet needs to check what intellectual property rights it owns and ensure that it is fully protected.

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