Ella Fitzgerald

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  • Published : November 18, 2011
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Ella Fitzgerald

Ella was born to William and Temperance, early in the 1900s. She spent of her childhood period in the Newport News. Her family detached or divorced when she was of tender age due to domestic adversities. Temperance moved with her to Yonkers, New York, where she got married again (Ball 40). They were economically unsteady (Krohn 14). However, everyone worked extremely hard to ensure their social and financial needs. Ella loved music, dancing and playing baseball. She was extra adept in academics and scored high marks. She joined the school glee, and people adored her singing abilities. Her childhood days were a grand success.

In 1932, Ella’s mother faced a serious health problem and had a heart attack. Disparaged, Ella sought to leave da Silva, her foster father, to move in with her aunt. Under the emotional breakdown, she decided to withdraw from school and made up her mind to explore show business. She entered Apollo theatre to contest in singing whereby she won numerous awards (Uchello and Barr 39). Ella fame made her known to Chick Webb, who was a famous band owner. Webb offered her an incredible chance to sing in their band. She did extremely well (Schoeneberger 10). Her marriage life, however, was full of issues and controversial. Postulations confirm that Ella wedded thrice. In 1941, she married Kornegay, an illicit drug trader, and then parted ways afterwards. In the second instance, in 1947, she married brown, a celebrated bass player. Together, the couple adopted a youngster and baptized him Ray Brown Jr. Virginia, Ella’s aunt, cared for the child. Nevertheless, they found their separate ways, in the mid 1900’s. She secretly married Larsen, a young man who lived in Oslo. However, she later divorced him after he received had to face some legal obligation. After Webb passed on, in the mid 1900s, the group name changed to ‘Ella Fitzgerald Band’. In 1942, the band fell out, and Ella decided to...
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