Ella's Kitchen (Marketing Plan When Launching in Hong Kong)

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The succession factors of Ella’s kitchen ------------------------------------------------pg.3-5

The brand strategy developed by VBS and Ella -----------------------------------------pg.6

How to communicate Ella’s brand identity ------------------------------------------pg.6-12

The integrated marketing communication plan: First stage ---------------------pg.13-21

The integrated marketing communication plan: Second stage -------------------pg.22-24

The integrated marketing communication plan: Third stage ---------------------pg.25-28

Budget --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg.29

References ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ pg.30-31

Appendix ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg.32-34

1. The succession factors of Ella’s kitchen

1.1Enjoying favorable macro-environmental factors

The political and social environmental factors were absolutely beneficial to Ella’s kitchen at the time when Paul Linely began to introduce his brand. Why say so?

The UK government was aiming to reduce children’s consumption of HFSS (High Fat Sugar Salt) by banning that nature‘s advertising from TV channels which affect the profit of VBS. Recouping the lost revenue for VBS obviously motivated itself to develop an unique partnership with Ella’s kitchen.

Besides, at the time when Paul decided to start his business, the overweight problems started to concern different parties. (University of Michigan C.S, 2010) As well parents at that day were willing to spend more time and money on children’s diet and convenience foods are preferred. All these environmental factors and market trends favor the introduction of healthy, convenience foods for kids.

1.2Differentiated from competitors by its launch strategy

Being the father of three children, Paul deeply understood what factors a parent concerned most when choosing foods for their kids and he recognized children’s role in their families as influencers of family budgets.

Unlike its competitors who adopted the “gatekeeper” strategies, Paul let children act as Ella’s ambassadors to their parents. He successfully differentiated his brand by positioning it towards kids so as to make kids to buy into the brand by the taste, the particular colorful, user-friendly product package and advertise on children’s TV channel.

1.3Adopted outstanding and innovative media strategy

As mentioned, government’s intervention promoted the cooperation between Ella’s kitchen and VBS which allow Paul to advertise his brand under limitations. The unique shared risk advertising relationship motivates VBS to take part energetically –introduced online components (Nickjr.co.hk, Nick.co.uk) and accommodate an on pack promotional tie up with Disney that help to keep the brand top of consumer’s minds.

In fact, Ella’s kitchen has gained deep awareness as well as credibility through the focused advertising investment on Nickelodeon. The mutually beneficial partnership rewards both parties and provides an extremely cost-effective advertising media to Paul.

1.4Nationwide distribution in Tesco stores

Through distributing products - smoothie fruits and baby food in Tesco stores which cover fourteen countries across Asia, Europe and North America, Ella’s kitchen expand its market nationally which let consumers easy to purchase the products - match with its product nature – “convenience”. (Tesco, 2011)

Besides, as Tesco is a well-known store with around 30% market share in UK, Ella’s kitchen can gain consumer’s attention and confidence through distributing in its stores.

2. The brand strategy developed by VBS and Ella’s kitchen

Paul – Ella’s director aims to launch baby foods which are healthy lives and foods to kids. He believes that foods can prompt behavioral change. For brand identity, they focused on...
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