Ell 5 Day Lesson Plan

Topics: United States, United States Constitution, U.S. state Pages: 8 (1663 words) Published: February 9, 2011
EDU 321 Teaching English Learners with Diverse Abilities
Lesson Plan

Name: Cheri Burke

Grade Level: 8th Developmental Bilingual Education. Intermediate. “Oral and written production has usually expanded to sentences, paragraphs, and original statements and questions.” The learning theory is Cummins Cognitively Demanding (Difficult) to Context Embedded (clues)

Subject Area: Social Studies

Topic: This lesson explores the history behind the ideas built into the United States Constitution by the founding fathers of the United States

Content: Acquire information about the evolution of the Constitution and introduce new vocabulary in relevant context.

Content Objectives:

* Explore the historical influences on the political ideas of the founding fathers of the United States * How do the primary source documents—the United States Constitution reflect the lessons from these historical events? * How were these ideas reflected in the behavior of the colonists and of the first citizens of the United States of America? * How do these ideas help the United States of America today? What influence do these ideas have in making the United States an attractive location for immigrants to move to today?

Key Vocabulary: amendment, charter, constitution, independence, sovereign, forms of government, monarchy, republic, assembly, democratic, point of view, rights, contract, feudalism, Magna Carter

Learning Outcomes: What insights can history give us for today’s experience of government?

Objectives: FL State Board of Education (2010)

* Student will be able to trace the historical influences on the development political ideas and practices embedded in the United States Constitution * Student will be able to show how United States political ideas and traditions are built into the United States Constitution * Student can work with historical models, maps, and other historical sources to make inferences about historical events and eras * Student can explain why colonists fought for United States independence and how the ideas of the colonists are reflected in the United States Constitution

Materials Needed:

* Textbooks
* http://www.hyperhistory.com/online n2 /History n2/a.html * http://www.loc.gov/rr/program/bib/ourdocs/Constitution.html * Cause and Effect Graphic Organizers
* Inspiration Software
* Smartboard Games

Procedure or Method of Instruction:



The teacher introduces the topic of evolution of the Constitution coming from a study of history by the founding fathers of the United States and of their selection of relevant political and religious ideas and ideals that they built into the primary source document of the United States—The United States Constitution.

Students are placed into small groups and work together on the key vocabulary. Based on what they learned from the movie, they are asked to explore the historical events surrounding important documents referenced by the founding fathers and to identify cause and effect that led to the ideas the founding fathers built into our country’s founding documents.

* Teacher will introduce the topic to the whole group
* Whole group will watch excerpts from United Streaming
* Teacher will assign students to collaborative partners (teams of 2) * Collaborative partners will work with the one-half of the key vocabulary


Social-emotional Learning:

Analyze factors that create stress and motivate performance

Analyze how personal qualities influence choices and successes

Analyze why one achieved or did not achieve a goal

Social-emotional Content:

1. Explore the motivation of three different groups involved in the colonization of the Americas: The colonizing nations, the colonists, and the Native Americans. 2. What happened when there was conflict between these three different motivations? 3. Identify colonies that...
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