Elizabethan Era Essay

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  • Published : February 3, 2011
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You Are What You Eat
A common phrase in today’s society is “You are what you eat.” To people today, the phrase means everyone is made up of junk food and immense amounts of sugar, but what would the phrase mean to the people of the Elizabethan Era? Even though people in the Elizabethan Era ate sugars and sweets, one did not eat as much. The people of the Elizabethan Era ate immense amounts of meat as we do sugar; hence, to add to the statement “You are what you eat,” people of the Elizabethan Era would most likely be meat and a lot of vegetables. The diet of the Elizabethan Era was made up of three main meals. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Breakfast can either start one’s day off great, or one could start off their day in a bad mood if one doesn’t get the jump start from breakfast. Today many people have cereal or pop a piece of toast in the oven for breakfast; however, in the Elizabethan Era breakfast took more time and was considered an elegant meal (“Elizabethan Food”). The people of the Elizabethan Era ate many of the same things for breakfast as we do today. For example one in the Elizabethan Era would have eaten pancakes, bread, porridge, butter, or eggs for breakfast (“Elizabethan Food and Drink”). The author of Elizabethan Food and Drink website writes:

Howell 2
Eggs were also eaten at breakfast. They were eaten "sunny side up" or beaten to make scrambled eggs. They were also mixed with bread crumbs to fry things such as fish. Another popular food for breakfast was pancakes, which were made from flour and egg batter. They were a treat for Sunday mornings. Elizabethans usually put jams such as grape, strawberry, and sometimes powdered sugar on them for a sweeter taste. (“Elizabethan Food and Drink”) Today eggs are eaten as a side item to the main dish; instead, in the Elizabethan Era eggs were many times eaten as the main dish. In comparison to having a healthy breakfast such as eggs, many people...
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