Elizabeth the Movie Essay for Media

Topics: Elizabeth I of England, Narrative, Shekhar Kapur Pages: 3 (1136 words) Published: June 19, 2011
Shekhar Kapur directed the drama genre movie Elizabeth which is about Queen Elizabeth the first and her coping with having the crown and how she develops and is forced to change. A number of difficulties arise which she has to overcome to stay queen and to survive.

A historical drama appeals to females specifically and teens and adults as it is for mature audiences. Strong emotions and delicate scenes mean that historic dramas can be a hard but very interesting watch for audiences. They use the structural rules outlined by Linda Segar of two turning points, climax and conclusion. The reason that Shekhar Kapur has made this film was firstly to try a non Indian film for the first time but also to show the struggle Elizabeth had to go through because women’s rights were non existent at that time.

Narrative structure
A structural film maker’s convention Shekhar Kapur has used to show passage of time in the film Elizabeth is the first turning point. The first turning point is what drives the plot and gives the necessary ‘push’ from exposition to the complication this is usually a problem or conflict. This is relative to my film because the first turning point is Elizabeth finally getting the crown and her coronation which gives us the plot ‘push’: the problem. The problem/conflict in a Elizabeth is will she be able to hold on to the crown or will she marry and bring England out of its ‘diseased state’ these questions are what drive the movie and narrative. This feature is used to drive the plot forward and is the base for the narrative of the film because the character Elizabeth has to find the solutions and overcome the complications they throw her way. This is effective because it keeps the audience interested and in suspense because the audience wants to know the outcome of the film, will the problem of her keeping the crown and bringing England out of its diseased state be solved, will she stay as queen or will she marry, these questions are what...
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