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Topics: Elizabeth I of England, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Mary I of England Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: June 3, 2008
Elizabeth offered a taste of the 16th century and all the obstacles Elizabeth the First had gone through. Queen Elizabeth was torn between the conflicting issues of politics and religion. She had suffered betrayal and tried to survive the attacks from France, Spain, and the Vatican. The trusting young girl who danced in the fields with her friends to the cold and calculating monarch, this transformation the Queen had gone through was one that made history. This was the witnessing of a creation being born, absolute monarchy, from the ruins of religion and the conflicts of lands.

The most memorable quote that had been said in the movie was by Robert Dudley when he whispered into Princess Elizabeth’s ear “Remember who you are!” Queen Elizabeth was a woman who had gone through many tribulations. During the trails that Elizabeth had gone through, most people tend to forget who they are. Queen Elizabeth never forgot who she was, she was the Queen of England, and her people meant the world to her. When power is handed to a person, the person can either do good or bad, Queen Elizabeth decided to do what was best for her country. The Queen remembered who she was, she was not just any commoner she was a princess transformed into a Queen. Since the Queen was able to believe in herself, when many did not, she made very bold decisions, decisions that might have broken the legend that she is now.

Another famous quote said by Queen Mary in Elizabeth was “Feed her to the wolves.” The wolves of course were the men in the court. These noble men were hungry for power, hungry to dethrone Princess Elizabeth the next Queen. This was an act of intimidation; Queen Mary gave Elizabeth a taste of what soon she was to deal with. The Princess on the other hand came out unharmed; she had walked straight through without a pause. Princess Elizabeth head was held high as if to say “No one shall mess with me.” Elizabeth did not look around, she continued straight on, for if she looked else...
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