Elizabeth Morris Climate Change Week 3

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  • Published : June 13, 2015
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Climate Change
Elizabeth Morris
May 18, 2015
Michael Cromwell
Climate Change
Climate Change is it a hoax, or is it real, who really knows. My belief on climate change is this yes we are partly to blame we have had an impacted on earth. We are polluting our world but we are not the end to our world just because we drive cars. If you look back over billions of year you can see that our world is always changing. We know this to be a fact because it was once all one continent and at one point it was covered with a lot more ice. There once were dinosaurs now they are all dead. So again our world is always changing maybe we are speeding it up with our pollution and we should probably reduce that but is our world that we know going to end tomorrow NO. Below are some facts for and against the global warming climate change. We found that unforced variability is large enough so that it could have accounted for multidecadal changes in the rate-of-increase of global average surface temperature over the 20th century. However, our estimate of unforced variability was NOT large enough to account for the total warming observed over the 20th century. Therefore, our results confirm that positive radiative forcing’s (e.g., from human-caused increases in greenhouse gas concentrations) are necessary in order for the Earth to have warmed as much as it has over the 20th century. We also found that over the most recent decade or so, it is unlikely that the underlying global warming signal (the long-term externally forced component of temperature change) has been increasing at a rate characteristic of the worst-case IPCC emissions scenario.(Patrick Brown, 2015). This author and articles are very crediable because they are scientics from a credible school and have many references. They explain a lot of facts in their article and also show thoses facts. In 2014, there was record amount of sea ice in the Antarctica. In fact a global warming expedition got stuck...
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