Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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  • Published : March 5, 2009
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Sonnet 14: In lines I and 2 of "Sonnet 14", Elizabeth Barrett Browning says she wants only to be loved for "love's sake". The next four lines describe all the things she does not want to be loved for – “Do not say 'I love her for her smile—her look—her way of speaking gently”,. She tells us in lines 7 through 9, that she does not want to be loved for these reasons because they are changeable (with age), unreliable and superficial whereas real love should be everlasting. In lines 10 through 12, she says she does not want to loved because he feels sorry for her because one day her tears will dry, and then what is left for him to love. She closes by restating her wish to be loved only for "love's sake" because that is the only love that lasts. Sonnets "13", and "14"are a few of the sonnets which best express EBB’s initial reservations regarding her relationship with Browning and how he helps her to overcome them. In "Sonnet 13" she tells Robert that she cannot wholly describe her feelings for him because she is still doubtful about their love. In "Sonnet 14", Browning describes the details of what she believes constitutes a real love and her expectations regarding Robert. She has taken hold of her initial doubt and is attempting to gain control of their love. Her fortitude thwarts Victorian romantic gender roles as she takes on a new commanding tone, issuing directives to her lover. - Gatsby loves Daisy for who she was when he knew her back when he first met her. He loves what he had back when he met her. Gatsby loves her for her image. EBB is telling her lover not to love her for her image. She is preventing him from getting to the stage where Gatsby’s at.
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