Elixir: a Novel Study

Topics: University of Toronto, Insulin, Frederick Banting Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Elixir by: Eric Walters: An INS
Martin Sun
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First of all, let me explain why I chose to do an INS instead of a Classic Review. This INS is actually of great relation to my Term Three EP project, because this book explains how a Doctor, Sir Frederick Banting found a treatment for diabetes, Insulin that saved many, many lives. My EP, Norman Bethune also invented something: the Mobile Blood Transfusion Service. Both saved many lives by discovering something, instead of just doing general service to patients. In addition, I've found many websites that try to compare Norman Bethune and Fredrick Banting to see who is more eminent. On www.macleans.ca I found a poll. Frederick Banting won, but I would say they are both very important figures in medical history. Also, they both were very controversial people. Norman Bethune, with his recklessness impatience and sharp temper earned him the numerous dislikings in Canada. In China, however, they thought these traits were absolutely fine. Frederick Banting was controversial because he was a vivisectionist, meaning an animal tester. He was greatly disliked by the Toronto anti-vivisectionists, but was respected by many people and diabetes victims, with their last chance for life. So, it's obvious that both EP's were "partly controversial."


I think it is very unique and effective of how Eric Walters always uses a fictional character to depict a true, eminent character. In this story, a fictional character, Ruth meets Dr. Frederick Banting in Toronto University, where her dad worked before WWI. Then, as her mom became a cleaning woman, the university became her study, and would meet Banting and his partner, Charles Best every day, and sometimes for tea and biscuits. Ruth forms a close relationship with Banting. Ruth is taken along to experience the creation of insulin, and is forced to answer numerous...
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