Eliminate the Drinking Age

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  • Published : February 21, 2011
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Eliminate the Drinking Age

Should the drinking age in America be lowered? This is a question and a debate being more frequently asked. Why? Because its becoming a bigger issue, that more people are experience. I do not think the drinking age should be lowered; but instead I think it should be obsolete. My reason is closet drinkers are the worst; underaged kids are in the closet.

When something is illegal or binding a certain age, it is and always will be worse then just keeping it open. “Europe; Italy doesn’t have an age of when children can drink; its up to the parents. Yes, they might drink at age 6, but it is always eating with the family, or family friends, and they drink a glass a wine, or to relax, not to get fucked up.” Stated Ricky a foreign exchange student from Italy.

I reflected this statement and made some comparisons and observations of my own personal experience, and interaction with my friends. I noticed that one of my friends started drinking when he was 8, that is a 13 year difference then the legal age. You can only assume that if you lower the age to 18, that a 5 year old will drink. Now I know theres probably kids that start younger as is; there is more that start later. My dad started when he was 13, my boy friend when he was 15, and I had the opportunity to start when I was 14, but waited until I was 16. Why so young? Well, if you think about it most kids were 15 there freshman year in high school, I was 14. Hanging out with the seniors and going to parties is how we accomplish this so easy. That is if are own family doesn’t help us out.

I also noticed more people would be physically attracted to one another, thus more horny. Which the age of young teen pregnancies would surly drop even more; and go up in the numbers of teen pregnancies. Not to mention deaths, more drunk kids getting alcohol poisoning, or drunk driving, getting DUI’s, MIP’s, and distributing to a minor, and lastly addiction problems. This still wouldn’t solve...
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