Elies Experience During the Holocaust

Topics: Nazi Germany, Elie Wiesel, Germany Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Karina Perez
Mrs. Sommers
English II Honors

Elies Experience during the Holocaust
During the Holocaust Elie Wiesel changes from a spiritual, sensitive little boy to a spiritually dead unemotional man. Before the Holocaust started in the middle of 1900’s. Elie Wiesel was an outgoing kid; he was a spiritual kid as well as sensitive little boy and had faith in god. He lived with his mom, dad, and little sister. As the days and month went past by. Stuff began to change in Germany the place where they were from. German soldiers made a lot of changes.

As days passed by, next thing they notes was that they were getting taken to some place they didn’t even knew about. They were told that they were going to be send to a place where they could work. But everything was just a lie. The Jews as they were called were actually being send to concentration camps. You might be asking yourself why I’m talking about this it’s because everything started from here.

Elie got disappointed in almost every kind of way. He became a big man, even thought he was only 12 years old. He started to think and took everything serious. He had went through some tough times. For example, he would starve to death because the Nazis wouldn’t give them food but a piece of hard bread and some watery soup.

He had seen so much out there. All this things made him more mature about life and certain things. Made him realize that life was the only thing he should care about. How would you act if you were in his shoes? How would you feel? What do you think about all this? From my point of view I would go crazy.

This is how Elie went from being only a little innocent boy. To a none motional kid. That lost its faith in god, during the Holocaust , because of so many kids that the Nazis were killing. For Elie god would always protect the children. But those days of slavery he didn’t believe in god.
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