Topics: Marriage, Love, God Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Lori Boyd
Eliduc is a courtly knight admired greatly by the king of Brittney. The king trusts Eliduc to guard the lands and also grants him free reign to hunt wherever he pleases. Since Eliduc is favored so greatly, many envious enemies try to slander his name to the king. Without credible accusation, the king banishes Eliduc. With hopes that the king will calm down, Eliduc travel to Logres. Eliduc takes with him ten knights, and due to his wife’s mourning and grief of his departure, Eliduc assures her that he will remain faithful. While traveling through the land of Tontes, Eliduc finds the land to be at war. He finds that an old Lord has refused to give his daughters hand in marriage to any beau’s, therefore; another powerful lord wages war for her. Eliduc uses this situation as a chance to prove himself and become favored by the new lord. He insists that he will fight for the king, and so the king allows granting him fine lodging and hospitality. Eliduc plans on tricking the enemy into thinking they have won, but in their departure, he attacks the enemy. His plan to defeat the enemy works. The king then makes Eliduc a vassal for a year. Hearing of Eliduc’s act of valor, the kings’s daughter Guilliadun wishes to meet him. Immediately, Guilliadun falls in love with Eliduc, however out of respect for his marriage, he is hesitant and reserved. Guilliadun confesses that she will die if she cannot have Eliduc and tries to win him with gifts. Eliduc receives the gifts in grace, but easily masks his affection for Guilliadun. Eliduc does so out of reverence for his wife Guildeluec. Meanwhile, Eliduc’s old king seeks him out and Eliduc does return back to Brittany; however, he promises he will return back to Tontes if needed. Guilliadun is saddened by the news and claims she will kill herself, but Eliduc reassures her of his return. Once Eliduc returns to Brittany he is angered by the negative news he hears of his wife. After quickly ridding the Brittany of...
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