Eli Whitney

Topics: Cotton, Invention, Cotton gin Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Engineer Eli Whitney died 35 years before the Civil War, but his most famous invention, the cotton gin, set the economic stage for war. Whitney's gin made cotton production far more efficient, fueling the need for more Southern slaves and enriching powerful planters. Another Whitney invention--muskets with interchangeable components--inaugurated manufacturing systems for producing uniform parts, without which the U.S. economy might never have produced enough weapons to fight such a lengthy war. It only took one invention by a legendary man, Eli Whitney to change the face of industry. The great things Eli Whitney is remembered by is the invention of the cotton gin, and the creator of interchangeable parts; which will all come down to how these two inventions had its causes and effects on the industry. If there is one thing a man can learn from Eli Whitney, is to never give up on making a change in our world today. When the cotton gin made its mark on the industry, Whitney never ended up making the money he originally thought he would. In 1793, when Eli invented the cotton gin the Patent Act had no law against people copying the inventions of others. As a result of this, farmers started to make similar inventions of the cotton gin and claimed it as their own. Many farmers began to make their own model because the cotton gin automated the separation of cotton seeds and could also generate up to fifty pounds of cleaned cotton daily. In the 1800's the Patent Law had finally been changed making it illegal to copy someone else's invention. By that time it was too late for Eli Whitney to become rich off his invention. Even though Eli Whitney didn't have a great amount of success in becoming rich off the cotton gin, He came up with a whole new way of become a rich man. Whitney started making interchangeable parts by hand using mainly scrap metal. With the ability to make interchangeable parts, he created the first musket of interchangeable parts. When the military had...
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