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Topics: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Eli Lilly and Company, Antidepressant Pages: 7 (2433 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Eli Lilly and Company was established on May 10, 1876 in Indianapolis, IN and has been in business more than 132 years. The founder of this pharmaceutical company was Colonel Eli Lilly who was a union army member during the Civil War. This company deals with the development, discovery, sell, and manufacturer of drugs, such as Prozac and integrates supply-chain management within its departments. The first success that the company achieved was the coating of pills using gelatin. In 1923, the company marked another success by introducing Iletin that was used in improving diabetes. This project was the first largest insulin production that the company together with the University of Toronto invented. All through the 1950’s, various advancements were introduced such as the invention of the oral penicillin and the antibiotic known as Erythromycin. Prozac was produced in 1988 and latter succeeded in 1990. In 2000, the drug Zyprexa was utilized in the treatment of schizophrenia and later, the drug Gemzer was introduced for chemotherapy. Before Prozac the treatment available was Tofranil also known as tricycle antidepressants (TCA’s) and was for the treatment of depression. However, some of the side effects of this drug include blurred vision, mouth dryness, cardiac complications and when overdoses or misused could be highly lethal. Prozac was later launched in 1988 and was a selective serotonin inhibitor uptake. The Prozac was much safer than TCA because of its minimal side effects. When the Prozac was launched it showed that about 2.5 million prescriptions were given in a month in every year. Also the SSRI were introduced in the 1990s to the market. They include Celexa, Zoloft and Paxil. (THIS IS WHERE I LEFT OFF TO PROOFREAD) Case summary

Prozac is one of the anti-depression drugs produced by this company and it is set to expire in the few coming months. Lily Company is thinking of introducing another alternative drug to Prozac to be sold to the market after Prozac expiry. The NAT team is made of Brett Schmidli, and Mark Demitrack who work as colleagues at Lily Company. They introduced other two colleagues to NAR who are John Kaiser and Jim Lancaster due to the professional experience they had. The main of NAT team members is to find and develop a new alternative drug that would replace Prozac. Based on several test and analysis, the drug Cymbalta was chosen as the preferred drug that would replace Prozac. The marketing director of the company who is Kaiser was requested to present a topic concerning the development of Cymbalta drug as an antidepressant in place of Prozac. This report was given the title, “no pain no gain by Kaiser. He presented a general introduction on depression and analyzed the effectiveness of Cymbalta and comparing the effects it hand with that of the earlier brand Prozac. After his presentation, various challenges and concerns were raised by some members of the committee. These challenges according to the committee members would have an impact on the general goal of Cymbalta that was replacing the major brand. Various recommendations and suggestions were provided by the team members that were derived from the identified challenges. Depression

Depression is mainly characterized by continuous emotional disturbance that affects the normal daily activities of an individual. Depression has an impact on one’s eating and sleeping and also in studies and work. The disease can last for a period of two week or may take even years. New England Journal of Medicine indicates that depression is a chronic disease that is highly prevalent as hypertension or high blood pressure in the medical practice. Other scientific publications studies have indicated that depression affects every individual in the population by 10 to 25% at a point in one’s life. Women are more at risk of developing depression and it is twice the chances as the men. Many people however do not seek medical interventions...
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