Elevator Speech: Online Schooling

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Elevator Speech

I was talking to my mother last week on Thursday about how my online schooling works. She was asking me questions like do you just turn in your homework and that’s you participating and do you get any type of help from teachers when you may need it or have a question. I explained to her first what threaded discussion was which I told her that is how us as students talk to our teachers and classmates about assignments and issues. By me telling her about the threads answered her question about getting help from teachers. I also went into detail about how we have different types of forums for different threads and how the forums are for Asynchronous Communication. I talked about the main forum and how it is used for class discussion which is our participation in class. Then I went into what the chat room is used for which I explained it is used for when we have questions for our classmates and teachers when talking about assignments and what not. I also explained how our own individual forum is for when we turn in assignments that aren’t class discussion assignment, where our teacher gives us our feedback, and where we can ask our teacher personal questions regarding grades, ect. I also explained to her how participation and attendance are very important with online classes and it is part of our grade just as a regular class environment would be. I also told her how attendance is not counted as participation. Participation is when you give feedback to other classmates with class discussion assignments at least three times a week to two classmates each day and you have to check in at least two days out of the week to be counted for good attendence. I talked about how I liked the online schooling a lot more because of how much smoother things are and you can be logged in at seven o’clock at night and might have a classmate logged in at the same time so if you were to have questions you could ask then. Also because all your assignments you will have...
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