Elevator Speech

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Elevator Speeches
An elevator speech can be defined as a speech that explains who you are, what you do, what you are interested in doing and how you can be a resource to your listeners. The idea of an elevator speech is to have a prepared “script” that can grab somebody’s attention and says a lot about what makes you unique in a few words. It should make the listener want to know more about you and your job. An elevator speech is like a business card in the sense that it sells an idea, promotes business or markets you as an individual. Like any other speech an elevator speech has its key elements, there are three major key elements. The first element is Audience Focus. You should focus on the audience. Whenever you talk ‘one to one’ you must direct all of your attention to the person that you’re talking to as well as keep the focus on then when you are speaking. The second element is Confidence. Before you give your speech, practice it many times so that you will be comfortable and confident once you deliver it. When you are unsure of yourself you are guaranteed to lose effectiveness. You have little time to grab their attention so it’s important to start off strong. The third element is Be Brief. The key to grabbing attention with your elevator speech is to be concise and leave your listeners wanting to hear more. This will lead to them asking for you to expand, which is a good thing. When they ask for you to expand, that means your elevator speech was a success and you drew them into what you had to say. There are many reasons as to why everyone should create their own elevator speech. A main reason is that we never know when we will come across an opportunity for a job or an opportunity of any sort. If your speech isn’t smooth in the beginning, it’s okay. Stick to it and you will see that it gets better and better as you keep practicing it.
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