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Habitat Of Asian Elephants

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Bengal Tiger
The Telegraph- 03 Sep 2009
The article published in September, 2009 by Malcolm Moore is about the rapid loss of Bengal tigers. Two decades ago there lived over 15000 Bengal Tigers however now only 1300 remain. The threat these tigers face is poaching and the illegal demand of their skin and meat for traditional feasts. The way this rapid loss of Bengal Tigers can be stopped is by banning all Poaching and International Trade Networks . Page 3

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Asian Elephants

Science Daily-2009
The article released in 2009 from Science Daily is about the new population of endangered Asian elephants that have been recently found living in a Malaysian Park. Researchers from Wildlife Conservation Society, and the Department of Wildlife and Natinonal Parks are working together to protect these elephants from becoming extinct. The way this situation can be fixed is by not poaching and conserving the habitats they live in. Asian Elephants face extinction if they are not looked after now. A large group has just been found living in a malaysian Park. This may be the only way for the elephants to reproduce, so any harm must be stopped. Poaching must be banned and serious actions must be taken, also any other harm such as large predators must be taken out of the scenario. They must be also well looked after just incase of any sudden diseases. Their Habitat MUST remain untouched or else it may be the end of these elephants. Page 4

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Habitat of Endangered Asian Elephants

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