Elephant Man

Topics: Joseph Merrick, Sir Frederick Treves, 1st Baronet, Sibling Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: March 24, 2013
What is it?
Many people are asking each other what is this creature. In fact, this is a human being. He is known as the Elephant Man but his real name is Joseph Merrick. He was used in a carnival where viewers would look at him as an animal and make fun of his problems. He can speak just now very well and he can also read. When he goes out into public he has to wear a mask over his extremely large head so people do not see what he really looks like. A man named Dr. Treves is trying to help him but there seems to be no cure for what is wrong with him. He is living in a hospital right now where he is being taken care of as of now. There are a few people who are not scared of his looks like the nice lady that works at a theater. She showed him how he did actually not scare her by giving him a kiss which made his very happy. The Elephant Man has to sleep sitting up because if he lies down like a normal human being then all of the blood will rush to his head and he will die. Unfortunately Joseph was tired and wanted to feel normal and laid his head down to sleep, this resulted in his death, which saddens the community very much. Man Turns into Bug:

A very rare case that has never been seen before occurred in this past week. A man has turned into a bug! This has shocked many people who are very confused how this is possible. This man named Gregor, is not a human being anymore, instead he is an insect. Waking up not feeling to great and then transforming into a bug really put a stop on his life. This is extremely bad news for him and his family who are counting on him to support them. Not being able to work because of his condition has stopped him from supporting his family and paying off their debt. Hoping that it would somehow wear off he tried to not go into work but eventually his boss found out what happened. Once his parents found out they locked in him in a room and the only person that really understands Gregor is his sister. Because of all these...
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