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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Inspiration is the most important factor when you write. You have to have the motivation to write and tell a story. You can get writer’s blockage when you write and become in desperate need of an interesting subject to get the work done. In the short story “Elephant” by Polly Clark we hear about William who is a writer. He writes short biographies of pop stars, that you can buy for only £1.99. William is not interested in pop stars, and really wants to write biographies of male film stars from the golden age but he was not fast enough to claim the rights of their life stories. His hold life is uninspired and we hear about his dull writings and drab life. He and his wife are trying to get pregnant. She gets home from work to fix the deed, but it is without any romance or feelings for each other. When William returns to his sheds he makes up fantastic endings of the pop singer’s lives. “Elephant” opens in medias res and is told by a third person omniscient narrator who’s knowledge do that we, as readers, can see the main character’s feelings and thoughts through the whole story; “He could not work out why, except that this haze had descended and he could not seem to lift a thought through its weight.”(p. 2, ll. 41-42) The writer’s stile of writing is giving a numb feeling. It is plane and flat like Williams life. We can sympathize with him, from the very first lines; “When you had the material stacked up, right there beside you, a pile of notes and facts, there was absolutely no reason for being unable to proceed with the next step.” (p. 1, ll. 1-2) We can already tell that William has a problem and we feel sorry for him. William has written about many young singers who he don’t find very interesting. He mentions Sophie, Witney, Norah, Becky, Christine, Maria, Britney and Sandie who all have a lot in common, and he writes about them in the same way every time. Up until he writes the biography of Christine he was irritated by not being able to write...
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