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Global Information Systems

ELEMICACooperation, Collaboration and Community|


Prepared by:Raphael Hassler Raphael.hassler@hnc.ch

Title| : Elemica e-Business Initiative|
Prepared for| : Dr. xxx, CEO of Elemica Inc.|
Prepared by| : Raphael Hassler, CTO of Elemica Inc.|
Date| : 5 June 2011|

This is an in-depth study of Elemica’s existing B2B online business and the report contains the findings and its business potential of achieving a larger market share of the online supply chain management in the world. Several key factors have been considered and analyzed and a strategic plan developed to achieve Elemica’s e-Business initiative of global expansion.

The e-Business initiative is supported by several factors. Its superior electronic B2B hub, the other first class products, scalability, high customer satisfaction, high professional experience in supply chain management, its locations and market size provide perfect opportunities for further growth into other international industries. Also emerging markets appear to be very promising for future business, but only where they are the first to seize the opportunity in that area as the company will face threats from competitors who are providing similar products already for the same service. Hence the entrance has to be planned very carefully. Elemica’s product portfolio, experience and track record of success in that area indicates high viability and readiness.

Although Elemica is an expert in the process of supply chain management, their experience and expertise in other industries is lacking. Requirements may be different and so might the business processes. Elemica would benefit greatly by obtaining expert advice about these markets to understand the behaviors of its clients. Due to the changes in the facilitating infrastructure (outsourcing and cloud computing) and additional services such as mobile computing, Elemica will also need to take precautions against new business and security risks associated with EC and B2B.

A detailed project plan, implementation plan and financial plan are required to outline the mission. If all the aforementioned factors in this report taken into consideration, the endeavor into new areas will become a success. A project team to outline, initiate, manage and implement the project, and a professional change manager driving both the technical and organizational change processes are crucial for a smooth implementation and another key factor for the successful mission. Several recommendations have been made to achieve the target of Elemica. They include the outsourcing of some parts of the organization, a new IT model, new IT services, staff development requirements and some financial advises.

Table of Contents
Company analysis1
Value proposition1
Core competencies1
Market analysis and trends2
Porter’s Competitive Forces Model3
Information Technology (IT) challenges4
Opportunities and objectives6
Critical Success Factors (CSF)7
Cost and benefits (ROI)9
Project Planning10
Change Management10
Balanced Score Card12
Strategy Map14
Outsourcing of ICT Infrastructure15
IT staffing requirements16
Hardware, Software and Security16
International legal and ethical issues17
List of references18
Annotated Bibliography20

* Company analysis

Elemica is the leading provider of supply chain integration and optimization services to the world’s tire & rubber, chemical, energy, and related industries. The company maintains a B2B industry trading hub, a neutral platform that enables companies to link their ERP systems so that information is moved into each company’s database while maintaining...
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