Elements of Religious Traditions Paper

Topics: Methodism, United Methodist Church, Eucharist Pages: 5 (1709 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Elements of Religious Traditions Paper
Deirdre Leffew
September 6th, 2010
Gregory Jackson
Grading CriteriaUnsatisfactoryBetterBest
Content and research: 60%

No research is apparent. No citations. No references.Two citations and references.Three to five quality sources were used.
Research apparent but not cited, not referenced properly.Only the required readings were cited and referenced.Actual quotations used from the sources.
Low-credibility sources: Wikipedia, Encarta, Britannica, About.com, Answers.com, Dictionary.com, etc.Research and content are rather weak, with mediocre sources or little direct use. Research and quotations match the content of the essay.

Too brief or too verbose, or mostly copied from another source. Possible word-count tool addiction.Research and content could be more focused, more relevant for the assignment.Research contributes to the public’s understand of the topic.

Little structure, discipline, outlining, or planning apparent.Another draft would have helped.Focused, interesting, fact-oriented essay. Comments6 pts - Always have two or more books, journals, academic websites in addition to the textbooks and required readings. To build up the content of your essay, quote verbatim from those sources, use quotation marks, and cite them using APA. Each citation needs a reference on the references page. Remember to use quotation marks for shorter quotes—or--to use indentation for block quotations of more than 40 words. Research is the energy behind good writing. Organization & Format: 20% Written without discipline and read without joy.Basic structure is apparent.Structure of the paper is clear.

No thesis sentence and no real introduction.“I am going to write about” introduction. Introduction and thesis reveal scope of essay.
No paragraph indentation or haphazard indentation. Paragraphs far too long.Working on concept of one theme per paragraph – not there yet.One theme or concept per paragraph, good transitions, sub-headings.

Conclusion is vague, like the introduction.Conclusion trails off and does not summarize properly.Conclusion leaves the reader longing rather than loathing.
Missing title page. Running head felony. Missing citations. Missing references. Missing APA rules.Somewhat familiar with APA, occasional nod to the rules.Black belt in APA: could audit the Yale English Department. Comments1 pts – Note that APA 6 has changed the title page and the headers. Some of the basics of APA are: 1. double-spacing throughout, including block quotations and the references. 2. a proper title page. 3. Times New Roman or Arial fonts, 12 point only (never larger never smaller than 12 points). 4. Proper citations for citing ideas or quotations (five or more words from a source in a row) in the paper. The citation source must match up with the references page. 5. The references page is called just that - not Works Cited, not Bibliography, not any other creative word. References. No colon. No underline. No italics. 6. Bold is now used in APA. 7. Numbers under 10 are spelled out. 8. These things may seem petty but they add up to consistency in professional, academic, and business papers. Attention to detail will pay off in all writing efforts. Word 7 writers – Calibri 11 point font is the default in the Word 7 Normal template. It is difficult to read and definitely not APA. Fix it. Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Word Choices, Readability: 20%

Numerous grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice errors. Run-on sentences and sentence fragments.Paper contains few grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice errors.Almost perfect spelling, grammar, word choices.

Jargon, slang, or crude language are used. The pronoun “I” is left as “i”. All-caps and !!! used for emphasis.Language is proper but a bit inflated, relying on big words to impress.Plain, direct words are used in clear, short sentences.

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