Elements of Religious Traditions Paper

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Elements of Religious Traditions Paper
Jennifer Kilburn
April 25, 2012
Bishop David Doyle

Elements of Religious Traditions
Customs of religions are past down from one generation to another within a religious organization. An individual’s family is another way that religious traditions can be passed down. Customs and traditions of a religious faith are sought out by the individual, and still play a big role in his or her belief system. All religions say, do, and organize traditions in certain ways that are helpful to teach the belief systems to others. There are also critical issues in the study of religion that may occur or have a reason to be questioned. Religious Traditions

There are many religions in the world. In all religions a person can find what is taught in some sort of text, doctrine, stories, and myths. Although there are many written texts for different religions, most tribal religions don’t have a written sacred text. According to most scholars a centralized story is a myth, such as the life of the Hindu god Krishna, the enlightenment of the Buddha, the Israelites becoming free of Egypt, the death and resurrection of Jesus, or Muhammad’s escape from Mecca to Medina (Molloy, 2010). Just because scholars call these stories myths does not make the events that happen untrue. All of these myths are what make up the central belief systems of the religions they are from. Besides myths, religions also have other stories that are told like the great flood story, the story of how the world is going to end, and other stories that show how one is to act toward others. Many religions, a person can find some sort of worship, prayer, pilgrimage, and ritual. Beliefs that are made real through ceremonies are called rituals (Molloy, 2010). This can be found in how one prays and worships. A pilgrimage of a religion usually is some sort of travel that one will make to fulfill some sort of need to complete the person’s spiritual...
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