Elements of Religious Traditions

Topics: Religion, Igbo people, Odinani Pages: 4 (1044 words) Published: January 31, 2012
Elements of Religious Traditions Paper

University of Phoenix
World Religious Traditions 1
Dr. Jocelyn Thornton
April 27, 2011

This paper is intended to show how religion is perceived to have several common elements but in essence that is not a true statement based on the terminology used to describe “religious practices”. People believe that typically religions have overlapping themes such as: higher powers to worship, followers, codes of conduct or morals, and a place of worship, however not all do. Because the term religion arose in western society it mainly only focuses on western culture and may not fully encompass the beliefs of different cultures in other parts of the world. Therefore there are no actual common elements of religion. Based on this assumption spiritual path can be a more descriptive title to be correctly applied across cultures.

There are several issues in the study of religion. First of all we call many sets of beliefs religion because religion is an umbrella word that generically tries to cover all spiritual beliefs. Religion is supposed to mean the joining of our secular human world with a greater spiritual world. Religion in traditional dictionaries incomprehensibly and inaccurately attempts to define what scholars’ studies but constantly fall short. Basically because religions cannot all be described in the same ways they prove challenging to study.

The Igbo are a superficial religious group whom believe in a Compassionate leader, known as a Chukwu. Chukwu is the infinitely powerful, indefinable, absolute supreme deity encompassing everything in space and space itself, in traditional Igbo spiritual belief system and Igbo mythology. Opposing this force for good is agbara, meaning spirit or natural being. Some of the people may be referred to as agbara in describing an almost impossible feat performed by them. Bekee wu agbara is another way of saying the...
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