Elements of Religious Traditions

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Elements of Religious Traditions Paper

Patricia Summerville

REL 134

August 23, 2010

Clark Frailey


Religion is practiced by believers all over the world. There are many different Religions, some with similarities some not, some that go back to the beginning of time and some brand new branched off of the old traditions and rituals.

Relationship with the Divine

Divine is one of the many names that various religions use for the name of God. In the Western world the term used for the Divine (sacred reality) is God. Divine as He is called is just, compassionate, infinite in virtues and pure. In describing the relationship with the Divine, according to the Western culture that believes in one God, Creator of all things, ruler over everything. Other traditions that believe in one God: the Yoruba, Christians and Muslims. Those believing in more than one God are the Wicca, they worship both gods and goddesses.

When we talk about the different traditions and their relationship with the Divine we talk of spending time in prayer, reading and studying of the Bible, Quran, or whatever religions use to study, rituals and a set of morals and beliefs to live everyday life. All religions have some type of prayer time, for example with some Christians they have a basic prayer that give praise, honor and glory to the most High God and Savior, Jesus Christ, for forgiveness of sins, healing, prosperity, etc. Roman Catholics pray to their God and the Virgin Mary. Spending time with other believers and reading of the Bible with rituals being the way that humans can be sure they are living their lives pleasing to the God of their understanding. Falun Gong, closely related to traditional Chinese religions practice a series of five physical exercises believing they gain health and strength. The Yoruba traditions is a mixture of Yoruba religions and Christianity rituals consisting of prayer,...
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