Elements of Religious Traditions

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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Elements of Religious Traditions
There are many religious traditions through the world today. Many components make up these traditions. Religious traditions are made of what the tradition says in its teachings, texts, doctrine, stories, myths and many others. Religious traditions also include what the tradition does through worship, prayer, pilgrimage, and rituals. Each religion along with the traditions it has will also have a place to organize leadership and communicate relationships among members. People assume that every religion has a sacred book or that they worship a god of some type or live by a rule of commandments (Molloy, 2010). However this fact is not so true. Many religions do not have any of these features for example Shinto does not have a set of commandments (Molloy, 2010). Religious teachings in the world are all similar in some ways but totally opposite in others. Any form of religious teaching is a way to teach someone to live or suggest that they follow these rules and live by the words spoken to them. Forms of religious teachings could be through books, music, or even art. It is just a way to teach the people of that religion right from wrong. Within most religions there is a sacred text. Hindus follow a scripture that divides into two parts which are the revealed and the remembered. Hindus put the Vedas and the Upanishads on a pedestal and believes the scriptures hold all authority. Buddhism follows the sermon by Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. The sermon was about the Four Noble Truths and these truths are suffering, anxiety, stress, and unsatisfactoriness. Also explains the causes and how problems can be overcome. Buddhism follows two texts which are the Pali Tipitaka and the Mahayana Sutras. So basically in all teachings of religion the sacred scriptures, doctrine, stories, and myths are teachings from what is called the divine in that religion and how the divine wants everyone to live. Worship, prayer, pilgrimage, and rituals are a...
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