Elements of Religious Tradition

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Elements of Religious Tradition
Kathryn M. Williams
REL 134
May 13, 2013
Roy Rehberg

Elements of Religious Tradition
The following paper will explain how religious traditions encourage relationships with the divine, the sacred time, the natural world, and with each other. The paper will provide examples from other religious traditions such as belief in one God, church on Sundays, and this student’s personal religious beliefs and traditions. Religion has been an important aspect of every culture for the entire known history of mankind and every religion throughout history has been made of a few essential elements. Although each religious tradition was developed in different parts of the world, every tradition has its own set of teaching, texts, doctrines, and stories. Throughout history, every religion has its own set of traditions in relationship to how one is to pray, worship, and the types of rituals expected from its followers. Each religion also has its own leadership and overall organization. These major tenets exist in every major and even minor religion throughout history including modern traditions and religious points of view. The teachings within a tradition outline essential points of understanding as well as guidelines to be followed. Ultimately the goal is to allow people the capacity to connect with and experience the sacred aspects of life or to experience God for those religions that focus on a god. The methods used vary from one religion to the next and include various forms of worship and expected methods of practice and even daily living. These methods vary from one tradition to the next and include prayer, meditation, regular attendance at religious services on Sundays, pilgrimage, rituals, and various other forms of worship and understanding. Religion during history has constantly worked to provide a structure from which anyone can work and ultimately improve their connection with the divine source that runs through all of life...
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