Elements of Processor

Topics: Computer, Arithmetic logic unit, Central processing unit Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Elements of processor
Computer processor is the main part of the computer because it is responsible for all the operations done through the computer. In order to work, some components must exist inside the CPU chip. Here is an overview of such components.

The processor is mainly the brain of the computer because it controls all the processes done through the computer from typing to transferring data to remote computers. Inside the processor there are some basic elements the work together to make the processor functional. These elements are as follow:

1. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): This is the main block in the processor and the most important. The ALU is responsible for performing all the computations needed through the processor. When the user, for example, enters a numbers to add, this unit makes the computation and outputs the result to the output devices. All the arithmetic operations such as adding, subtraction, multiplying, or division is performed using this unit. Also the logical operations such as ANDing, ORing are also done using this unit. The unit accepts the data, then performs the operations and then output the results to other units inside the processor.

2. Registers: This is another type of devices existed inside the processor. The registers are responsible for saving temporarily the results obtained from other devices such as ALU. One can think of registers as a short term memory as it save some values for a short period of time and then takes other values as needed by the computing devices. For example when you add two numbers if you take the first two numbers and add them and see the result is higher than ten you save the remaining in your head and this saving corresponds to putting the number remained in a register.

3. Busses. This is the third type of components existed inside the processor. The main use of the bus is to transfer any type of data between components inside the processor or among the processor and the remaining...
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