Elements of Literature

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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Elements of Literature
Style is the spoken characteristics of a writer, as unique as his or her face or voice.  Their styles express their individual ways of seeing humanity.  Style is an insignia of independence and distinguishes a good writer from a meager or average writer.   This is just one of the elements of literature.  There are many elements of literature. When we read or hear poetry, we hear a speaker’s voice.  It is this tone of voice that conveys the poem’s tone, its indirect mind-set toward its focus.  Tone is a concept we make from fine points of a poem’s language:  the use of meter and rhyme (or need of them); the addition of certain kinds of fine points and exclusions of other kinds; exacting choices of words and sentence pattern, of images and symbolic language.  When we listen to a poem’s language and hear the voice of its speaker, we grasp its tone and feeling and eventually its meaning.  Poetry is the impulsive runoff of potent feelings: it takes its foundation from emotion recollected in silence: the emotion is a contemplated turn over, by a type of response, the silence steadily disappears, and an emotion, relatives to that which was before the topic of thought, is steadily formed, and does itself in reality be present in the mind. In reading any poetry, it is essential to know what the words mean, but likewise imperative to understand what the words involve or propose.  Poets choose exacting words because they advocate what they want to advocate.  Its appropriateness is a function of both its denotation and its connotation. Poetry is stuck in the solid and the precise in details that arouse our senses for it is through our senses that we see the world.  When such details become visible in poetry, they are called images.  An image is a solid symbol of a sense notion, reaction, or thought. Language can be classified as both literal and not literal.  When we speak factually, we mean precisely what each word conveys; when we use metaphorical...
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