Elements of Good Writing

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I agree with you when you talk about the subject having to be interesting. I think that when people pick up a book, the first thing they do is read the back cover to find out what the book is about. If the subject is not interesting they usually don't bother to read the book.

I agree with you on how punctuation is important. How would lets say even a professional for writing a book, he would have punctuation errors.

(Soyun) You are so write about the writer being at the level of his/her reader. Writers should definitely keep in mind their readers. And have find ways to communicate his passion for writing through his use of words, etc. or whatever he's talking about.

Xio Ling I agree that a writer should indicate who the audience is.

I agree with your idea relating to the Level of Story. I agree that the writer needs to be able to understand and pick his readers. By doing this, the writer will be able to express and relate to the readers and vice-versa.

Mahogony, It's easy (or easier)to SPEAK in these different voices: how do you create them in writing?

Xio ling I totally agree with you and also, the writer should identify who the audience is to avoid confusion. For example, if I am writing a book for children I would use simple words.

Right on, Jackie. A writer MUST know what he/she is "talking" about if he/she wants to create a good text

I agree with Mahogany about style and tone. In expressing tone of the story, sometimes the description of the surroundings also contributes to it right.

I think that style of writing can be created in writing by the use of words and tone. A reader is also attracted to writings that are organized. Transition is also important to keep the reader interested.

I like your two points. It is interesting how the first one is very concrete and tangible while your second item is more intangible; how does a writer achieve expressiveness?

Maybe the use of citiations if you are writing about stories(professor MArx)

( Prof. Marx're response)
I think what I am trying to say is that sometimes writers (including myself) (would) use big/complicated words to explain or talk about something thinking that the reader would be more drawn to it when he or she would like to read something with simple vocabulary words. There's a time and place to use certain words rather than others. Am I making sense? The composition of sentences/verb are very important to good writing also.

Not all writers need to make an outline, but they should know what they are going to speak about in their paper. Even some kind of brain thinking before actually writing the paper.

Maybe the use of citiations if you are writing about stories

I as well said that one of the most important factors that makes someone a good writer is, by them creating an outline for their paper.

Two good points. Do writers call upon only "facts" to back up statements or provide examples? What are other forms of supporting evidence?

I do agree with wally, structure is very crucial

Punctuation- punctuation is very important because if the wrong punctuation mark is used words and sentences will be grammactically incorrect.

Transtitions- transitions are important because without them the reader would not be able to connect one paragraph within a story to the following paragraphs.

style: A good non-fiction writer must find an effective means of entertaining his or her readers.

tone: An example of this would be a non-fiction writer writing about a murder. He or she would speak in a mellow voice rather than a happy one to make the readers better feel whats going on in the writing.

John, It seems that the underlying point you are making is that good writing is well organized. Do all writers need to do outlines?

I also agree with Klara. The use of words and the level of clarity are two important components in good...
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