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Elements / Characters
Crisostomo Ibarra - Also known as Juan Crisostomo Ibarra y Magsilan, a Filipino who studied in Europe for 7 years. The love interest of Maria Clara. Son of Don Rafael Ibarra. Elias - Ibarra’s mysterious friend and a fugitive.

Kapitan Tiyago - Also known as Don Santiago de los Santos the known father of Maria Clara. Padre Damaso - Also known as Damaso Verdolagas, a Franciscan Friar and Maria Clara’s biological father. Padre Salvi - Also known as Bernardo Salvi. Maria Clara’s secret admirer. Maria Clara - Maria Clara de los Santos, Ibarra’s sweetheart and illegitimate daughter of Padre Damaso and Pia Alba. Pilosopo Tasyo - Also known as Don Anastasio. Known to be a crazy person by his neighbors but actually quite a wise person. Ibarra seeks advice from him. Sisa - The Mother of Crispin and Basilio, who lost her mind after losing her sons. Basilio - The elder son of Sisa.

Crispin - The younger son of Sisa who died because he was punished by the soldiers who was accusing him of stealing money. Alperes - Chief of the Guardia Civil and mortal enemy of the priests.

Donya Victorina - Victorina de los Reyes de Espadana, a woman who thinks she is in the same class as the Spanish people or a social climber.

Donya Consolacion - Wife of the Alperes and also a social climber who abused Sisa.

Don Tiburcio de Espadana - Spanish husband of Donya Victorina and pretends to be a doctor.

Linares - A distant nephew of Don Tiburcio de Espadana, the would-be fiancé of Maria Clara.

Don Filipo - A close relative of Ibarra, and a Filibuster.

Senyor Nol Juan - The one who supervised the making of the school.

Tarsilo at Bruno - Brothers, whose father was killed by the Spaniards.

Iday, Sinang, Victoria,at Andeng - The friends of Maria Clara.

Kapitan-Heneral - The most powerful official in the Philippines. A friend of Ibarra who hates secular priests and corrupt officials.

Don Rafael Ibarra - The deceased father of Crisostomo Ibarra....
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