Elementary Arithmetic and Calculator

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Calculators can perform math functions quickly and easily. The most common functions are addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*) and division (/). Press the “=” sign to get the answer. Note that many calculators use different symbols for multiplication (x) and division (÷), and "C" for "Clear"—the erase function. To use the calculator,

The Simple Virtual Calculator supports the following operations: • Addition (key '+')
• Subtraction (key '-')
• Multiplication (key 'X')
• Division (key '/')

Memory Operation

The calculator has one memory that can be used for storing values temporarily. To clear the memory (set it's value to 0), press the key 'MC'. To recall the value stored in memory use the key 'MR'. To add to the value in memory, press 'M+'. To subtract a value from the memory use the key 'M-'. Turn the calculator on by pressing the "On/C" button. Turn the device off by pushing the "2ndF" button and then "Off." ON

CE.C clears the last number you entered (‘clear entry’) and turns the calculator on. AC clears all numbers entered (‘all clear’).
This is what a calculator can look like. However, every calculator is slightly different. Keys
÷ x + are called operation keys.
0. is the display (for the numbers you have entered
and the answer when you finish).
More function keys
These keys are called advanced function keys.
% is the percentage key.
+/- changes between positive and negative numbers.
MR M- M+ MC are memory keys.

Modes = Press mode then relevant number depending on what operating mode you wish to use(stats mode is usually one of the options) Or
Press Stat button on calculator to operate the calculator in statistics mode Off = Turns off the calculator in any functional mode
ON = Swithces on the calculator
C = cancel all input into the calculator
CE = cancel last entry into calculator
Basic Calculations = x, -, +, / These are the basic calculations to all mathematical solutions. Numbers = The...
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