Element Project: Vanadium

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Element Project: Vanadium

Element Project: Vanadium
Vanadium is a very interesting and useful element. It is solid at room temperature and in its pure state it is a grayish silvery metal. It is soft and ductile and it has good corrosion resistance to alkalis, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and salt waters. Its element symbol is V and its atomic number is 23. On the periodic table it is in group 5 and in period 4. Its atomic mass is 50.9415, and the history of Vanadium can be traced back to 1801. In 1801, Vanadium was discovered by Andres Manuel del Rio in Mexico. He prepared salts form the mineral vanadinite (then known as brown lead), but he didn't isolate the pure metal. However, people doubted his work. In 1831, Nils Gabriel Sefström of Sweden also discovered Vanadium and confirmed Andres Manuel del Rio’s work. He was also the one who gave the element its name. Vanadium is a Scandinavian name and comes from the word “Vanadis" who was the Scandinavian goddess of beauty. It was named this as the element forms multicolored compounds. Henry E. Roscoe was the one who first isolated metallic vanadium in 1867, and he did so by reducing vanadium chloride. The electron configuration of Vanadium is 1s2 2s2p6 3s2p6d3 4s2. Vanadium also forms different isotopes. Natural Vanadium is a mixture of the two stable isotopes, Vanadium-50 (0.24%) and Vanadium-51 (99.76%). Vanadium-50 is somewhat radioactive, with a half life exceeding 3.9 x 1017 years. Vanadium has other radioactive isotopes, but they have half-lives shorter than an hour. They range from Vanadium-40 to Vanadium-65, and none of these isotopes are found in nature. There are also different ions of Vanadium that normally have charges of +2, +3, +4 and +5, and they are very useful. Vanadium is used in nuclear applications, for producing rust-resistant spring and high-speed tools. Vanadium is also used as a steel additive or ferrovanadium. Vanadium-gallium...
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