Element of Religion Based on the Supernatural

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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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Religion varies in different places in the globe. However, it brings people together to form a powerful congregation that believe and worship the same things. Religion has always been a strong driving force in the shaping of history and has always been a guiding principle in the way of life of humans. This can be influenced by a lot of things that are found in the surroundings. Nature is one of the strongest powers that shape religion. A country may sometimes be defined by it's characteristics, and be determined by the kind of religion that is majorly practiced. However, one of the elements of religion that is considered the hallmark is the belief in supernatural beings and forces (O'Neill 1).

It cannot be disregarded that in the different religions that abound, it is most common that forces and beings that are beyond human understanding and perception are the main pillars of the religion. Science, being one of the validating tools that humans use to determine whether something is worth believing in, cannot explain and prove the existence of such forces and beings making it an enemy to religion. The reason that such beings exist and are strongly respected and venerated by people is that humans need a supreme being or beings to explain their existence. A set of guides that are presented by any religion is essential in controlling the tendencies of men and making them live a life that has limitations and boundaries. The supernatural element of one religion may have a counterpart in another religion and it may have different names or characteristics, but it may have the same manifestations.

James Fieser, in his research entitled “Elements of Religion”, enumerates the different supernatural occurences that he has observed in the different cultures that he has encountered with. He grouped them into categories that have the same qualities that may not be general , but among the most interesting and...
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