Element 1: Abylity to Interpret and Analyze Material and Make-Justified Decisions from the Analysis

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Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s) KRASKO, Brian G Veterans Service Representative (GS-0996-07) 039-54-0641

Element 1: Ability to interpret and analyze material and make well-justified decisions from the analysis.

As a Claims Assistant with the VA I am in charge of reviewing files for completeness and creating a Claims Establishment or CEST in the computer. A CEST is a tracking tool that the VA uses to track Veteran's claims. I have to review C-files to make sure that proper CESTing happens and make sure the claim is moving in the proper workflow. I also have to review incoming mail to see if changes need to happen to the claim. Once the review of mail is complete then I associate the mail to the claim file. Everyday I use computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel to create shipping request, manifests, and other reports part of my daily workflow. I also use other programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Veteran Benefits Applications like COVERs, a file tracking program, on a daily basis to determine that proper and well-justified decisions are made.

As a retail manager at GameStop and Finishline I was in charge of receiving incoming shipment. I had to review the shipping manifest making sure that everything that was on it was there. After using the computer to receive the shipment I then had to make sure it got put out on the sales floor as needed. I was also in charge of inventory at Finishline. Every Sunday I would go through the entire shoe inventory looking for errors. Reviewing inventory sheets and making necessary adjustments.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s) KRASKO, Brian G Veterans Service Representative (GS-0996-07) 039-54-0641

Element 2: Ability to effectively communicate orally.

In the army I was a Drill Sergeant in charge of training soldiers from all different backgrounds and different levels of understanding. I would have to lead instruction of...
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