Elektra Products, Inc.

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  • Published : June 30, 2011
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Elektra Products, Inc.

1. Martin Griffin, the CEO of Elektra Products Incorporated, was on the right track with the idea of empowerment among Elektra Products’ employees. However, one has to question if it was a contradiction for Martin Griffin to leave the meeting early of his employees that he called together to discuss new ideas. Martin Griffin could have performed a better job of changing Elektra Products into a new kind of organization if he had actually stayed to listen to the full ideas and comments of his companies’ employees, instead of rushing off to meet with the heads of a hardware store chain. It is hard to promote empowerment among your workers when you do not give them enough time to speak their ideas, feel as if they are being listened to fully, and to hear how other co-workers feel about the new ideas coming to the table. It was only after Griffin left for his late breaking meeting that the other department heads from accounting, human resources, and finance began to question if the ideas brought to the table during the meeting could really work or if it would cause the demise of the company.

To further their idea of empowerment and to get the new ideas flowing back on track, the top management team should call for a new meeting with the companies employees and begin a new era of honesty by starting with an apology for their company’s head, Martin Griffin’s, quick departure from the last meeting. As the textbook, Understanding Management, state’s on page 26, “an important value in a learning organization is collaboration and communication across departmental and hierarchical boundaries.” By opening a new meeting with an apology, the company is taking steps towards making each employee feel more important and thus more empowered to do better work. By empowering their employees, Elektra Products is showing that they trust that their employees will remain loyal to the company because they want too, not because they feel obligated too; that...
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