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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Elektra Product Inc.
I. Case problem
Elektra Product Inc facing a crisis in the company since their market share was declining among the competition, limited idea to create a new innovative products, lack of communication between the department and all of sudden most of the workers feel uncertain about their future in the company. Lack of leadership and management causing many problems inside the company and reflected to the company profit in the last few years.

At the moment company realize they need to recover to the normal situation and start getting profit. Elektra product decide to create a new product by pointing Barbara as their manufacturing head to responsible on it. Barbara accept it as a compliment and start to work with her team to make a great product.

She and her team did a good preparation until the day of presentation. Martin as her boss interested with the ideas but he need to leave the meeting room earlier for another meeting to attend. Now, Barbara facing the problem to defending her ideas in front of other department head who are not agree with her ideas with many reason based on company data.

II. Objective for problem Solution
Several objectives can come out as a solution for this problem. One of the option is the company can restructured the department head or team leader to a new person who can give a hope to their subordinate by giving his/her hard work and ideas. Sometimes an old employee only having a narrow opinion by not accepting a new ideas to improve the work flow inside the company.

Another option is before Barbara come with the new ideas, the other department head should provide her historical data and information in order to make a decent product. And during creating the products, Barbara should involve the department head when she formulating the ideas before implementing to the new products.

III. Alternative Courses of Action
Currently what Barbara can do...
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