Elektra Case Study

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Elektra Case Study
1. How might top management have done a better job changing Elektra Products into a new kind of organization? What might it do now to get the empowerment process back on track?

As the new CEO, anyone who is not there to give their support should be given a boot. Offer early retirement package to those not supporting the plan. 2. Can you think of ways Barbara could have avoided the problems her team faced in the meeting with department heads?

Communication. Involve all other team leads one way or another before the presentation to the new CEO. In this way, they’d be able to say what they have to say and Barbara as the team lead would have found a way to somewhat alleviate or even relieve them of their concerns before her major presentation. Get them on her side to the point that they’d even defend the project to the other naysayers.

3. If you were Barbara Russel, what would you do now? Why?
Continue on. Everybody hates change. Every time a change is introduced, expect that there would be resistance. However, change is integral to the company especially now that they are facing a major crisis at work. All the concerns raised during Barbara’s presentation are just excuses that can be addressed. It is in no way a wall that could not be breeched. The concern of the finance department can be addressed by strengthening the rules and regulations for refunds. The HR department can be provided with incentives to reform the completed job categories. A third party consultation company that specializes on industrial spying can be hired to alleviate the concerns of the legal department. I will rally them to the point that they get why the project is important. I will highlight its benefits and make them realize how it will make each of their lives better, directly or indirectly.
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