Electrostatic Precipitators

Topics: Air pollution, Smog, Scrubber Pages: 4 (1200 words) Published: October 29, 2009
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Electrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators are machines designed to reduce pollution in industrial applications. Typically fitted to the stacks of factories and power stations, electrostatic precipitators are designed to filter out dust particles from exhaust gases produced by industrial work. 99.9% of the dust particulates is captured by the precipitator, reducing the amount of dirty air passing into the atmosphere. (“Introduction to Precipitators”, 2oo7) Air pollution is a major problem in Hong Kong and across the globe. Power stations generate tonnes of pollution every year, deteriorating the air quality of the city. The waste they create is filled with dust and particulates, which can be detrimental to the population’s health. In this case, electrostatic precipitators are fitted to filter out much of the dust and particulates. In Hong Kong, electrostatic precipitators were introduced to the Castle Peak Power Station in 1990.(“Sustainability Report”, 2009) While in 2008 power consumption increased 80% over 1990-levels, emissions of particulates from the Castle Peak facility actually decreased by 79%, which shows the effectiveness of electrostatic precipitators in reducing harmful emissions created by power generation. Much effort has been also made in adapting electrostatic precipitators to remove particulate matter from emissions from diesel engines, such as those found on buses. (Peregin, 2009)

In Malta, engineers have developed a prototype of such a device that will help clean exhaust gases coming from buses. Their aim is to reduce the amount of pollution so they can reduce the amount of sicknesses and ailments that can be attributed to particulates. Dr Cremona believes that there could be “a huge market for [the invention], especially in

developing countries like China where there are some 10 million vehicles that could use it.” (Peregin, 2009) If the invention works, it could help improve the air quality in Malta, where...
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