Electronic Waste

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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The World Big Issue “ Electronic Waste”

Nowadays people use lots of electronic devices in our daily lives. Also, they need more comfortable and more developed electronic device to accomplish their businesses. According to customer’s need, the electronic companies have been developing their goods. So people have often changed their electronic device they do not need those items though. Therefore, it produces lots of electronic waste such as computer, mp3, printers, and etc. Owing to growing the electronic waste, disposal of the electronic waste might be issued in world society. Also, the disposal of the electronic is a big trade to make a huge profit. Some people and countries think the disposal of the electronic waste as the means of making lots of money. I strongly disagree with this occasion. If we could keep going on this business, we cannot refresh our world environment. In this people’s misconception, we are facing on the serious problem such as severe disease and destruction of the environment. Therefore, we have to prepare effective solution to eliminate the harsh consequence of the E-waste from governments, industry, and individuals. The general government in each country has to make specific solutions to solve the disposal of electronic waste. For example, EU government made bills to prohibit E-waste export to non-OECD countries. Because e-waste can pollute river and water supplies, the people do not get drinking water. However, EU exports their E-waste to other countries. Even that action is illegal, many companies and countries are ongoing illegal action. Actually, some countries in EU as Netherland, Germany, and U.K. are the biggest customers to export E-waste to Ghana. The governments fortify the bill of disposal of E-waste like the regulation of emission of carbon dioxide in Kyoto Protocol that needs to regulate the illegal action as burying E-waste in the landfills and disposing on unaccepted area. However, most of countries do not have...
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