Electronic Surveillance of Employees

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  • Published : April 26, 2011
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Casey Jones
Strayer University
Professor: Sheritta M. Woodruff
Leg 500: Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance
Date: 4/27/2011

This document discusses how employees in an organization can have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the workplace and whether or not it would make any difference if an employee held a conversation behind closed door or in an area where his conversation could be heard.

This document also takes a critical look at employers who engage in electronic surveillance of its employees and to what extent can they go. It analyzes whether the inclusion of innocent, unaware third-parties in an electronic surveillance makes it legal.

Explain Where An Employee Can Reasonably Expect To Have Privacy In The Workplace.
The U.S. constitution does not have a comprehensive legal standard of protecting privacy. However, “The reasonable right to privacy” can be granted based on certain federal and state statutes. Personal information – social security, medical information, background screening, religious beliefs, and or banking information given to an organization as prerequisite for employment and depending on the nature of the business should be considered private in the workplace. Employees also have the right to privacy when it comes to arbitrarily searching of personal belongings in the absence of a preexisting agreement on searches. The Employee Handbook manual should serve as a guide to employees and will keep them abreast of the company’s policies on the right to privacy.

In The Office Workplace There Are Typically Two Types Of Workspaces, An Open Area, In Which There Are Several Desks And Where Conversation Can Be Heard, Or An Enclosed Office, In Which---When The Door Is Closed—Conversations Cannot Be Heard And Where One Would Expect Virtually Total Privacy. Explain Whether It Makes A Difference If An Employee Is In An open Area Or In An Enclosed Office.
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