Electronic Research on Virginia Woolf

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Electronic Research on Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf was born Adeline Virginia Stephen on September 25, 1882 in London. Her father, Leslie Stephen was the first editor of the Dictionary of National Biography and was a distinguished member of the community for his contributions to public service. Her mother, Julia Stephen, as well as her father, had been previously married (Blackstone). Her father was previously married to the daughter of a novelist, and her mother to a barrister. Virginia lived with her parents, four full siblings, and three half siblings (Ingram). The Stephen family was rather wealthy and lived a comfortable lifestyle in a large house, many servants, and educational resources at their fingertips. At the age of thirteen Virginia's mother died unexpectedly and Virginia suffered her first of many mental breakdowns concerning the death of her friends and family (Blackstone). As a young teen Virginia spent most of her time in her father's extensive library, determined to become a writer herself one day (Blackstone). Her writing career started first with writing journals for the clerical paper called The Guardian and then for The Times Literary Supplement. She eventually evolved to writing novels such as The Voyage Out as well as a collection of short stories (Lombardi). Virginia's style of writing ranged anywhere from perceptive observations of Literature, to the content of her own novel's subjective exploration of theme, character, and poetic style (Pender). Eventually, due to her mental instability Virginia committed suicide in March of 1941 (Ingram).

When attempting to aquire the general information needed about Virginia Woolf there are many places to gather information. The Fresno City Library offers a reaserch database that narrows down a search to find exactly what is needed. Two popular search engines are Ebscohost and the Literature Resource Center. Ebscohost offers such information from academic journals, magazines, newspapers, books,...
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