Electronic Monitoring

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Electronic Monitoring
* Report for management board of a software house that is currently thinking of implementing electronic monitoring throughout, its operation.

Submitted by
Ajeet Singh
MBA 48th Batch
Monirba, University Of Allahabad

Electronic Monitoring
It is the process of observing or listening to persons, places, or activities—usually in a secretive or unobtrusive manner—with the help of electronic devices such as cameras, microphones, tape recorders, etc. The objective of electronic surveillance when used in law enforcement is to gather evidence of a crime or to accumulate intelligence about suspected criminal activity. Advantages –

1. Increases productivity of the organization.
2. Enhances creativity among employees of the organization. 3. Removes lazy staff of the organization.
4. Removes problems among the employees.
Internet Monitoring –
Internet is the vast resource to the outer world, filtering internet sites e.g. online music, racism, violence, politics, crimes, hacking etc. blockage such categories in office can bring benefits such as avoiding unnecessary internet bandwidth utilization, time saving, social and moral behavior, and focus on organizational interest. Surveillance camera system-

By implementing surveillance system, the higher management or the team led of the software house will be capable to see their team focus on their work, it will restrict the team members to waste time in unnecessary movements. Telephone call time monitoring-

By monitoring telephone calls, it will not only provide sufficient data to create better strategy between company client but it will also avoid unnecessary employee long phone calls to their friends which diversely effect business time. Impact-Once it is clear to the employees that electronic monitoring is not affecting their privacy but improving their professional life and their organization productivity, the employees will feel secure and...
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