Electronic Medical Records Speech

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Electronic Medical Records Speech

HCR 240

University of Phoenix

March 27, 2011

Electronic medical records stores physician’s reports of examinations, surgical procedures, tests, X-rays, and other clinical information that is necessary for taking care of patients. Electronic medical records also provide access to data for research and quality improvement purposes. EMR’s also allows immediate access to health information, computerized physician order management, clinical decision support, automated alerts and reminders which alerts the staff regarding important information for the patient such as follow up on testing, or if a result is critical, and it also provides error reduction. Some EMR’s allows patients to access their own medical records (Sanderson, p.24-25).

Practice management is used by most offices to complete routine office tasks, including patient scheduling, recording patient information, creating and transmitting electronic claims, receiving electronic payments, billing patients, creating financial reports, and collecting overdue accounts (Sanderson, p.26-27).

Practice management is very useful in order for a medical office to survive. It helps with accuracy and timely records that are required to determine whether the practice is profitable. PMPs are also important for tax-reporting (Sanderson, p. 27).

PMPs contain information about each patient, such as names, addresses, contact numbers, insurance coverage, information about each provider, including facts about providers, referring providers, and outside providers such as labs. Practice management also collect data about the health plans used by the practice’s patients. PMP’s have codes used by the practice to note a diagnosis and the treatment provided, as well as the facility where the treatment was provided. When the program contains all of the data the software can be used in a medical office and perform many of the office computer duties (Sanderson, p.26). PMP’s have...
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