Electronic Medical Records (Emr) Project`

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project CMGT/410
University of Phoenix

Table of Contents
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project3
Statement of Need3
Mission and Goals of Project3
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)5
Critical Path Method (CPM)6
Performance Measurement8
Project Plan8
Table of Figures
Figure 1: Level One5
Figure 2: Level Two6
Figure 3 - Critical Path7
Figure 4: Gantt Chart9

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a nonprofit Healthcare organization in the city of Kelsey that has provided quality healthcare services to Kelsey and surrounding communities since 1975. The stakeholders are employees, patients, visitors, investors, the board of directors and the community.

The hospital has a computer network connected by a bridge with hospital executive management, human resources, operations, facilities, finance, and information technology data center department on one side of the network bridge and radiology, operating room, wards, intensive care units (ICU), emergency room, laboratories, and pharmacy departments on the other side. Statement of Need

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital needs an electronic medical records system that will be used to enter physicians’ orders, document patient care, to allow various health care providers to communicate, and to support reimbursement. Objectives

Install system that provides and supports the following: Electronic patient registration, physician order entry, health care provider documentation, lab, x-ray, and procedure results, medication management, and billing and finance information.

Mission and Goals of Project

An Electronic Medical Records (EMR) application can provide a graphical user interface which networks with existing systems already used by in the facility. The system can incorporates structured entries that capture procedural codes and diagnostic codes which allows future access to patient records for reviewing reports and health studies worldwide. Epidemics and trends and can easily be determined with this application. The goals of the project are to have greater than 85% of all outpatient visits (OPV) documented in EMR application at six months after the facility’s initial training. Laboratory results, medication history and allergies should be uploaded and displayed in the EMR client. Another goal will help facilitates compliance and maintaining security with regulations set forth by Joint Commission Accreditation Health Organization (JCAHO), Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other Federal Regulations. The singular most important goal of the project is to have medical record accessibility for more than one person at the same time. Not only does this help meet the presidential directive for a “comprehensive, life-long medical record,” but it also eliminates some of the risks and inefficiencies of paper based medical records. Tasks

The project is divided into five main tasks. First, define the problem - A survey is sent out before the on-site visit where an assessment of Patton and Fuller systems and processes are done. The next task is to analyze the situation - this allows individuals to build relationships, collect all data pertinent, document processes used at the facility and provide briefings and workshops on upcoming events.

Integration is the next step. Here the database is populated with historical and current information, test systems to ensure requirements are met. We must then support the product, provide training for providers, nursing, ancillary departments and management. Finally the cutover, here we transition to new system for daily use by staff.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The project plan for the Patton-Fuller Community hospital decomposes the tasks to...
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