Electronic Medical Records

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Values and Importance of Maintaining Patient Confidentiality
Maintaining patient confidentiality is one of the biggest concerns when dealing with EMR. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was implemented in 2003 to set a national standard for privacy of health information. Under this policy, the right of the patients to have access to their own medical records was also established (Privacy Rights Clearing House, 2009).

There are several preliminary cautions a patient or providers can take to limit others from accessing medical records. Such actions are the patient can discuss confidentiality concerns with his or her physician, ask health care providers to use caution when photocopying any documents pertaining to a patient’s health record, and a patient should keep a copy of their own medical record incase his or her physician retires or goes out of business. Following these actions can alleviate any stress a patient may have concerning the confidentiality of their records and can ensure that patient records do not get in the wrong hands. Effective Means of Communication Between Consumers and Providers

There are several reasons EMR is an effective means of communication between consumers and providers. One particular reason is that it has the potential to enhance communications and collaborations between healthcare providers and patients. Furthermore, EMR will provide patients secure and confidential access to their own medical records and other important information’s pertaining to their health condition; which can initiate more informed health care decisions. In addition, when patients can easily access EMR through a secure portal, patients are more apt to maintain and manage their own medical records and are more willing to comply with treatment plans.

EMR versus Paper Records
EMR differs from other modes of communication, such as paper records because it has the potential to store large amount of data for a longer...
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