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By | October 2012
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During recent years the subject of Flexible Manufacturing System has gained considerable importance in teaching curriculum of Mechanical, Industrial Engineering and Management and Automobile Engineering students. Formerly Flexible Manufacturing System used to form a small part of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, but at present it is taught as an elective for UG students and separate full subject to students of PG.

The outstanding virtue of this book is that the student is given a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts in Flexible Manufacturing System. Emphasis has been given through out the book to explain the physical picture.

The authors Dr. H.K. Shivanand, Mr. M.M. Benal and Mr. Vishwanath Koti posses a long experience of teaching the subject to UG and PG students. Besides Dr. H.K. Shivanand and Mr. M.M. Benal have been active research workers in the field of Manufacturing and Composite Materials. Their teaching and research experience has greatly enhanced the value of the book. I am confident that this book will be widely welcomed and used as a textbook on Flexible Manufacturing System in different engineering students. The book will also prove to be of great use to...

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