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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Electronics Essay
Naturally, our day to day lives evolve alongside the progression of technology. Some claim that technology has educational benefits, yet others believe that technology creates more problems than it diminishes. Although technology allows children to connect to others with ease, its negatives still outweigh its positives in the domain of school. Before adapting completely to this new world of technology, schools must consider the negative side of technology, including its useless ability to enable students to develop a lack of skills due to the fast pace of life and the lack of imagination and short attention spans that it creates, before they are completely brainwashed by the widespread availability of and dependency on technology in school curricula.

Schools need to make sure that technology is actually beneficial in the classroom, not just there for entertainment value or as an illusion to make the classroom look more credible. As a result of technology, many children have actually grown less intelligent and less cultured. According to David Gelernter, “our skill-free children are overwhelmed by information even without the internet” (Source E). The rise of technology has not improved education, intelligence, or schools in general. Dyson stated, “But today’s children are living in an information-rich, time-compressed environment that often seems to stifle a child’s imagination rather than stimulate it.” (Source C). Children who spend all their time simply sitting around and playing video games develop a lack of skills, losing the ability to do things students one hundred years ago and without technology could do perfectly well. Just because kids have the opportunity to utilize technology does not mean that it is beneficial. Gelernter points out the irony in Clinton’s argument that technology can give children unlimited access to the world. Children of this generation are falling behind, due to the absent-mindedness created by technology. As...
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